A Field Study of Innovating with Big Data Analytics

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Innovating with analytics is about culture, cultivating a spectrum of business and technical skills and working collaboratively across analytics teams and business functions.

The transformative effects of Big Data Analytics are widely reported. Yet understanding about the disruptive and destabilizing processes through which these promises of transformation come to fruition remain limited. An in-depth longitudinal case study of the design and deployment of analytics in a large organisation operating in a highly competitive environment was conducted. We found that the crafting of analytics is a socio-material process. Whilst legacy systems have impact, factors such as the history and identity of the organisation and acculturated practices significantly influence the development of an analytics capability. In addition, a decentralized analytical capability with centralization of certain technical capabilities and data governance can be effective. Also, datawork (the creation of relevant and fit for purpose data) forms a significant part of any analytical project that extends well beyond working with readily available datasets. Finally, numerous functions traditionally labelled as within the remit of ‘management accountants’ are now performed by teams of data scientists with well-developed commercial sensibilities. This has significant implications for the accounting profession and associated educational programs.

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