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Big Data trends for 2020

Big Data trends for 2020 - Cubility - Perth Australia
Leading businesses across industries are now leveraging big data to gain insights into key business processes. However, as technology progresses and analytics capabilities evolve, a paradigm shift is underway toward a more holistic system of engagement using big data, offering deeper insights and a fresh look at how analytics and big data can improve business performance, operational efficiency, and customer experience. This research and report outlines the top big data trends that we predict will drive major business transformations in 2020.

Big Data Trends 2020

1: Cognitive technologies like AI and machine learning will continue to evolve

2: Digital transformations will revolve around data-driven approaches

3: Hybrid and multi-cloud architecture will witness widespread adoption

Big Data Trend 2020


These big data trends are now paving their way into multiple industries, including retail, BFSI, insurance, e-commerce, telecommunications, and transportation. Owing to their ability to drive change they are now clear indicators of a broad digital transformation driven by data and cutting-edge analytics.

Originally published by Business Wire

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