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Clearing the Myth: Can Agile be applied to ERP Implementations? [Analysis]

Clearing the Myth Can Agile be applied to ERP Implementations [Analysis] - Cubility

ERP transformations are never easy. Agile can help improve your results.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are a fundamental asset for most large companies, yet ERP transformations remain time-consuming and complex. An agile approach has the potential to dramatically streamline ERP projects, but IT professionals have long believed agile to be incompatible with ERP. Our experience in helping many organizations adopt agile practices in a wide variety of situations, however, has proved the opposite: that agile can successfully be applied to ERP programs, with quantifiably better results. The methodology simply has to be adapted to the unique requirements of these complex solutions.

Why ERP transformations remain important

Large ERP solutions have slipped to the bottom of IT management’s agenda to make room for trendier topics, such as digital, big data, machine learning, and cloud. But the business benefits of ERP solutions—namely, the enablement of seamless, end-to-end integration across functions and the process standardization across geographies and business units—make them a fundamental asset for most large companies. Moreover, the next generation of ERP solutions, such as Oracle Cloud and SAP S/4HANA, offer even more promising capabilities, both functionally and technologically. Companies focusing on digital transformation or advanced-analytics programs are beginning to realize that, to unlock the full potential of their investments, linking the new technologies to their ERP base is essential.

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  • The challenges of ERP transformations
  • The misconceptions and truths about agile and ERP
  • How to adapt agile to ERP
  • Applying agile to the classical approach
  • Benefits of adapting agile to ERP


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Report originally published by McKinsey & Co.

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