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How Outsourcing Strategies can Effect Performance of Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises [Research]

How Outsourcing Strategies can Effect Performance of Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises [Research]


  • Several organizations have embarked on outsourcing strategies over the years but many still suffer in terms of their goal achievement; some have experienced low productivity both in terms of quality and quantity, their profitability has not been stable, and their capacities are grossly underutilized.
  • This research work determined the effect of outsourcing strategies (back-office activities, primary activities, accounting activities and supporting activities) on the performance of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs).
  • Also, secondary data was sourced from the financial records of ten (10) selected SMEs. The variables were statistically analyzed using multiple regression technique.
  • This study recommended that SMEs should embark more on outsourcing strategies to attain the benefits of cost savings/restructuring which results in better customer service at profit.
  • Outsourcing process management through follow up steps like effective communication and monitoring should be employed and taken seriously to better reap the benefits of this maintenance/growth strategy. Also, SMEs should ensure that, the costs of managing the outsourcing process is not greater than the benefits generated by the outsourcing program.

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“Effect of outsourcing strategies on the performance of small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs)

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Report originally published by Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research

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