IT-OT Integration

The rise in automation across manufacturing and heavy industries, for example oil and gas, mining and utilities, has led to an increasing demand for holistic treatment of technology systems – that is, the technology systems involved at the “coal face” in operations and the information technologies systems providing the business layer. Cubility has been involved with a number of companies looking to bridge the gap between Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT).

IT-OT integration is not just about the technology – there is a strong emphasis in our engagements on the strategic direction required and also the human layer; making sure that the organisation is equipped to be successful through management structure and training.

Responding in real time

There are many tangible benefits to better integration in this space, particularly for companies with a large investment in physical infrastructure. At Cubility, we see our customers better able to respond in real time, able to prioritise work to reduce the risk of outages and gain valuable insight for business process improvement.

Areas where we can help include:

  • IT-OT Governance
  • Process Control System and Network Security (NIST 800, ISA99, IEC62443-2-4)
  • Cyber-Security Strategy
  • Information Security and Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation Planning
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