Reducing Business and Technology Risks

We understand the challenges that mining companies face as they ramp-up construction projects and turnover to operations, especially from a technology, information management and decision support perspective. Our team’s success in this space is underpinned by multi-disciplined staff with deep operational and project execution skills and our collaborative approach working closely with the owners team and vendors.

For mining capital projects, a robust operations readiness plan (ORP) developed early and up-front and woven into the project fabric, is key to avoiding systemic challenges around people, process and technology which can lead to rising costs. To assist our clients with this, we utilise in-house developed and best-practice frameworks and models that enable defining the future business and operating environment, aligned with overall strategy, as well as a roadmap to get there.

Our best-practice frameworks help define the functions and business activities required to operate and maintain a facility (or plant) effectively from both a business and operational perspective and also enable planning the integration of operational processes and business objectives with technologies to support a seamless transition from construction to operations. To this point, the complexity of ensuring the success of large-scale technology and automation implementations including system integration can be overwhelming. Without the technical know-how, vendor overselling and cost blowouts are unfortunately the norm.

Another common problem is that engineering information and associated operations and maintenance documentation is delivered from vendors in varying formats that are inconsistent and not readily transferable into the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system or Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), thus impacting the timely loading of asset and spare parts master data.

Finally, project supply chain models tend to make overly simplistic assumptions and do not account for the interconnectedness of the individual operations systems or the uncertainty around disrupting influences on production, giving a false impression of the supply chain (integrated production system) capacity and achievable targets.

Our services:

  • Mining capital project reviews from operations assurance and project-readiness perspective
  • Development of business and operations readiness plans and roadmaps
  • Development of feasibility study operations readiness sections for mid-cap mining companies
  • Development of cost models (capex and opex) for feasibility study operations readiness planning
  • Owners team cost reviews for mid-cap mining capital projects
  • Vendor product select/procure oversight
  • Financial modelling: project and operations
  • Technology implementation management
  • Engineering data handover assurance
  • Supply chain simulation and optimisation
  • Decision support/ data analytics capability planning and implementation
  • Implementation of controlled document management systems
  • Design of and implementation of mine automation projects
  • Data-driven productivity improvements