Determining what is achievable – when ‘averages’ will not suffice

In order to enable optimisation of your supply chain or integrated production system, our aim is to improve the quality of decisions, identify bottlenecks and assist with investment strategy. We do this by providing quantitative and visual decision support and systems analysis through real time simulations that determine what is physically and commercially achievable for your system or operation.

In general, project supply chain models tend to make overly simplistic assumptions and do not account for the interconnectedness of the individual operations systems or the uncertainty around disrupting influences on production, giving a false impression of the supply chain capacity and achievable targets.

Value is provided through:

  • Validation of design, assessing sensitivities, and quantifying operational risk to project
  • De-risking systems and projects to guarantee certainty of outcome
    Enabling the engineering and operational design to be commercially driven
  • Enabling any number of sensitivities and what-ifs to be explored
  • Identification and quantification of major savings e.g. the eventual savings from real time modelling have been over 1000x the cost of the simulation study

Our services can be applied to:

  • Supply chain logistics and capacity verification e.g. Mining pit to port distribution systems
  • Project cost and time risk assessments e.g. Resource development planning and FIFO planning
  • Detailed processes e.g. Detailed mine processing and operational efficiency modelling
  • Detailed port assessments e.g. Large multi-model port interactions (import, export, container & bulk materials)
  • Water networks e.g. Storage requirements and system capacity/ constraints
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