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Saracen finds solution through Cubility for capturing mine production data with ease

Process Automation - Metals and Mining

Saracen implements Cubility Mine Production Management System at Carosue Dam


Saracen Minerals were capturing all mine production data in spreadsheets and paper based systems including, but not limited to: material movement, machine hours, dig rate, people, road haulage and stockpile balances. The end result was a lot of data, but no ability to drill back through the information and conduct any analysis. With spreadsheets, it proved difficult to join reports together, particularly when considering irregular time frames e.g. reporting over a month end accumulating individual tracking sheets from different locations.


The company investigated a number of products on the market for solving this problem and selected Cubility’s MPX product after seeing this in use at a nearby operation. There are now standardised data capture systems in place and all production and equipment information is captured in one central database. Reporting may now be run across related items with flexibility around date ranges.

There are further improvements to MPX being discussed to make reporting even easier at Saracen e.g. implementation of dashboards.

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