Cubility strategy and consulting delivered for CBH Group

Data warehouse, integration and dashboards


Data across operational logistics supply chain stored in disparate systems/databases with multiple variations of the truth and inconsistent units of measure, thereby not allowing easy reporting of KPIs to optimise the supply chain.


Cubility developed a conceptual model of the operations supply chain from paddock to port using the SCOR model to drive standard terms and naming conventions. This led to the design and development of a physical operational data warehouse along with integrations from source systems to populate the data warehouse. Cubility developed 50+ PowerBI reports and dashboards to replace an existing spreadsheet tactical planning and scheduling process.


We successfully delivered the operational data warehouse, data integration mechanism and TP&S dashboards to provide a single source of truth for day-to-day logistics operations (the latter activities were taken on by Cubility after the internal IT team had failed to deliver and had overrun by 12 months).