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According to research from Capgemini Consulting, which surveyed hundreds of senior executives from large firms, companies that are mature in digital transformation are, on average, 26% more profitable than their competitors. They generate more revenue (9%) from their physical assets and employees and create more overall value.

Digital transformation isn’t limited to the platform that your company utilises. There are three keys to success when planning out the implementation of an enterprise platform that enables your digital transformation:

1. Internal Adoption: Interview staff from top to bottom within the organization to ensure there’s a synergy between their expectations, there’s optimism for the implementation and there’s an understanding of where there are gaps and opportunities. Company resources are often stretched thin, and multiyear transformation can be stressful on the staff. Since adoption is critical, we must prioritize the migration and deployment to mitigate the difficulties a new platform will place on the staff. Rapid adoption internally will result in more effective use of technology and can unleash a culture of innovation and creativity within the organization.

2. External Experience: The vast majority of companies have systems that are aligned with their internal command and control structure rather than focused on the actual customer experience. Think about a time that you contacted an organization and had to sit through a recorded phone tree to identify and route your own call to the appropriate resource rather than simply having someone answer and directly assist you. It’s frustrating and unnecessary. Your systems should be invisible to the customer and provide them with a self-directed, unique experience that they cannot get anywhere else. Seamless customer experience is the goal of every digital transformation.

3. Agile and Iterative Deployment: Digital transformation isn’t a project that begins and ends. Your business will change, your customers’ behaviors will change and the systems available to you will change. Because of this, you must prioritize your deployment strategy to include people, processes and platforms and be prepared that the only constant will be continued change. Professional development, employee turnover, competition, economic challenges, scalability — all of these must be incorporated into your digital transformation strategy. Your road map should be a working document that is constantly adjusted and modified, and it will never be complete.

It’s no coincidence that the companies that invested heavily in the research and discovery phase of their digital transformation had the greatest success. Invest and plan accordingly.

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