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Use Technology Operations to Drive Reductions of up to 60% [Research]

Use Technology Operations to Drive Reductions of up to 60% [Research]


  • New automation techniques can provide the first step toward continuous, tech-enabled redesign of critical operations—forming an intuitive ops-to-tech cycle in which tech improves ops, and vice versa.
  • Operations leaders across sectors are deploying new automation tools and techniques, in parallel with longer-term IT modernization plans, to quickly digitize the last mile of processes within a company.
  • Combined with advances in IT (including agile software development and microservices) and in organizational design (such as more robust learning platforms and moving beyond the traditional matrix structure with agile methodologies), operations leaders can rapidly turn their ops into tech—tech that they own, manage, and continuously improve—driving cost reductions of as much as 60 percent while improving quality and timeliness as well.

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“Technology + operations: A flywheel for performance improvement

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Report originally published by McKinsey & Co.

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